Information & Media Studies

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The Faculty of Information & Media Studies empowers students to examine how information and media shape our everyday lives. Students learn to critically analyze how media and media consumers are influenced by economic, political, cultural and technological factors. Current areas of study include social media, artificial intelligence, social justice issues, representation in media, privacy and surveillance, popular music, the media's role in decolonization and information practices and public libraries.

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Priority Areas

FIMS Founders and Future Fund

The FIMS Founders and Future Fund recognizes our founding leaders and faculty colleagues, who came together from longstanding and proud traditions at the School of Library and Information Science and the School of Journalism to create something new and bold. FIMS Founders and Future Fund gifts support FIMS students, inspiring them to study, analyze and critique media, to understand our ever-more complex information systems, and communicate creatively in new ways. To ensure our students graduate with the media and information tools they need, FIMS continues to adapt quickly. Gifts to the Fund help us provide modern infrastructure, technology, and equipment to our students and create scholarship and bursary opportunities that ensure all who are academically qualified have the opportunity to learn at FIMS. Donors provide students access to studying and to communicating their work in the world beyond campus.

Journalism Fund

Join a community of donors who are elevating the learning experience for students pursuing a Master of Media in Journalism & Communication. Your gift provides the faculty with the flexibility needed to address pressing needs such as broadcast studio upgrades, new equipment, internship stipends and financial aid.