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What will your legacy be?

‘The Western University of London Ontario’ was founded on March 7, 1878 by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth (1817–1901) and since then, the university has become a vibrant centre of learning.

And while our excellence roots itself in history, Western has an ambitious, new strategic plan titled, Towards Western at 150, encouraging us to build on our successes, and to work toward a more prosperous, just, and inclusive society.

The challenge will be living out this bold new direction, while at the same time, maintaining those unique values of deep student engagement that are the foundation of Western and the legacy of those that came before us.

You can help make this happen by considering the impact Western had on your life and the legacy you would like to create to enable Western to continue this legacy for future generations.

Help make a difference to our students, researchers and our university’s future by reflecting on the impact Western had on your life and the legacy you would like to create for future generations.

This website, along with our Legacy Gift Planning team, is here to provide information and simple tools for you to create a lasting legacy at Western through planned giving.

Ways to give

Anyone can make a planned gift at any stage of their life.

Planned giving is a simple, flexible way to make a significant contribution. Regardless of amount, your gift can have a significant impact on Western’s future.

Planned gifts can be directed to areas you care most about at Western.

Your planned gift is a way to create your legacy at Western that aligns with your values and what you care about most. Gifts can be directed to highest priority needs, student support, specific faculties or research areas, or to a variety of priorities and projects, like increasing access to education and creating a more equitable campus.

Planned gifts can be made in many ways but here are the four most common ways donors have made a legacy gift to Western.

A gift in your Will

A gift in your Will is the most direct way to create a meaningful legacy at Western.

Here are the most common ways donors include Western in their Will:

  • Residual bequest: a percentage of the remainder of your estate after other specific legacies have been fulfilled.
  • Specific bequest: a specific dollar amount or stated fraction of your estate or a specified gift in kind.
  • Contingent bequest: a gift that is originally intended for other beneficiaries but in the event of their prior passing, is redirected as a charitable donation.

Please contact our team to share your intentions to ensure your plans can be carried out as you wish.

Sample language to include in your Will.

Gift of appreciated securities

A gift of publicly traded securities is an attractive option for many donors. When you transfer a gift of shares, bonds, bills, warrants, futures or units of mutual funds listed on a prescribed public stock exchange to Western University, you may not pay tax on any capital gain.

Your broker can electronically transfer these types of gifts into Western’s account by using one of our securities forms located on our website.

  1. Forward the completed transfer form to your broker/investment advisor to initiate your electronic transfer of securities. Western cannot initiate this transfer on your behalf.
  2. Forward a copy of the completed transfer form to Western for our records.
  3. Please be advised that in normal circumstances, the value of the donation receipt will be based on the closing price of the security on the day the securities are received into Western’s brokerage account, in accordance with our Board Policy and Canada Revenue Agency Regulations.
  4. Unexpected and/or unidentified transfers make it difficult to issue appropriate donation receipts

Gift of life insurance

A gift of life insurance is a simple and easy way to support Western University. A life insurance policy enables you to make a significant gift for the future for a relatively small financial outlay today.

There are a number of easy ways to make a gift of life insurance.

  1. You can take an existing policy that has finished serving its original purpose and simply have the ownership and beneficiary designation transferred to Western University. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the accumulated value of the policy at the time of transfer. Any continued premium payments also qualify for charitable tax receipts. Western University strongly recommends that you discuss this matter with your insurance specialist before any transfer takes place.
  2. You can purchase a new life insurance policy in which Western University is named as the owner and beneficiary. You continue to pay the premiums and receive a charitable tax receipt for those payments.

Gift of life beneficiary

Making Western University the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, RRSP, RRIF or TFSA allows you to create a legacy at Western once your needs and those of your loved ones have been met.

To name Western University as a beneficiary contact the firm that holds your assets to ask for a beneficiary form to complete.

For all types of planned gifts, we strongly encourage you to consult your attorney or financial advisor to learn if a charitable bequest is appropriate for your situation.

Let us know when you have included Western in your estate plans

We would like to thank you for your generosity and welcome you to our community of Legacy donors. Please complete a Statement of Intent and return it to the Legacy Gift Planning team.

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Sample language to include in your Will

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Our team is here to work with you, your family and advisors and can help you plan your legacy to be impactful, enduring, and a true expression of your values.

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