Individualized Giving

Kendra Lealess

Corporate Giving

Abbey Baran

Legacy Gift Planning

Sheri Cole

Brescia Donors

Key development contacts Expand All +

Faculties and Divisions

Zach Armstrong
Faculty of Health Sciences
Shawna Ferguson
Faculty of Law
Susannah Gergich
Faculty of Information & Media Studies
Kristen Lesko
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Paula Luchak
Faculty of Science
Dory Mounsey
Sports & Recreation
Linda O’Connor
Faculty of Social Science
Allison Price
Don Wright Faculty of Music
Kristen Stabile
Ivey Business School
Kristina Stankevich
Faculty of Engineering
Heather Thomas
Faculty of Arts & Humanities
Rosie Triebner
Faculty of Education

Senior Development Leaders

Dana James
Associate Vice-President, Development
Kendra Lealess
Executive Director, Annual, Leadership & Legacy Giving
Heather Thomas
Executive Director, Faculties & Divisions
Marian Johnson
Executive Director, Donor Experience

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