Campus-wide Priorities

UC Hill

Enrich the student experience, enhance learning opportunities and create a more equitable and inclusive campus.

Parr Centre for Thriving

Transform student mental health by providing proactive education and strategic initiatives through the Parr Centre for Thriving. The Centre isn’t a physical space, but rather a unique approach to student mental health and well-being that sets students up for success from the moment they arrive on campus. Foster a community of experts dedicated to student well-being through a gift to the Parr Centre.


Help provide opportunities for Western students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and benefit from entrepreneurial support and education. The Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship has created a single ecosystem for entrepreneurship and increased our capacity to offer an entrepreneurial experience to any student that wants one, regardless of their academic discipline. Entrepreneurs create jobs, spur innovation and drive economies. Partner with us today to help Western become the go-to university for entrepreneurship anywhere.

Western Libraries

Make a meaningful impact on the life of a student with a gift to Western Libraries. Provide quiet space for studying and collaborative space for exchanging ideas. Spark curiosity by making it easier for students to access research materials. Enrich a student’s learning experience with a library internship. Learn more about engaging and inspiring students in partnership with Western Libraries.

Robarts Discovery Fund

Finding new treatments for devastating diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer and diabetes starts with research. Gifts to the Robarts Research Institute accelerate medical discovery and the development of more effective therapies. Join a group of donors that are changing lives.