Don Wright Faculty of Music

Pianist at the keyboard

The Don Wright Faculty of Music is built on a strong tradition of excellence in music education, performance and research across genres and styles. We cultivate cultural ambassadors through engagement with music. The breadth and depth of our musical program and scholarship, the unique holdings of our music library and our talented alumni contribute to a reputation as one of the best music faculties in North America.

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Priority Areas

Western Music Fund

Empower the next generation of musicians and scholars to enrich our communities with their talent, creativity and passion. Through donor generosity, students are inspired by guest artists and noted scholars from across Canada and around the world. Your gift helps make an outstanding musical education possible.

Dean's Excellence Award in Music

Provide students with access to an outstanding musical education. Presented each year to high-achieving undergraduate students in the Don Wright Faculty of Music, this award is critical to the recruitment and retention of top students.

Music Building

Give students the opportunity to learn and showcase their talents in spaces that match their abilities and aspirations. Your gift inspires young artists to channel their passion, imagination and commitment into each performance. Donor generosity keeps performance studios, rehearsal rooms and equipment in top condition.

Additional Opportunities