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Donor Notes
Thank You Notes

The Parents’ Fund award offered me some financial independence so that I could concentrate on improving my academic, professional, and social life. But even more than that, it gave me confidence – confidence that someone believed in me. Thank you!
-Aditya Challapally, BESc'17 HBA'17

October 1, 2015
I think it’s amazing that someone can be so proud of a university that they put their own dollars toward the education of a student they’ve never met. One of my favourite things about Western is that the pride for the school runs so deep. We have such an amazing supporter base.
-Pam Bialik, BA'17

September 18, 2015
I feel very lucky to be a part of such an amazing community at Western. Receiving support from the Parents’ Fund allowed me to stress less about finances and focus more on my studies.
-Kelsey Perreault, BA'16

July 24, 2015
I feel so grateful for this support. It has motivated me even more and has helped me maintain focus on making a positive impact. I feel very fortunate for this opportunity and to be connected with the Alzheimer Society and the work that they do.
-Lindsay Oliver, PhD'16

July 6, 2015
The bursary motivated me, and encouraged me to go on, instead of giving up due to a lack of funding. I’m so appreciative that I was able to receive financial help when I needed it most.
-Donna Wemigwans

May 26, 2015
The scholarship rewarded my hard work and restored my confidence. It helped me embody my motto and be a role model for my family. It inspired my children to try to work as hard as I do.
-Moon Lee

May 19, 2015
This type of recognition gives me motivation to know that the work I’m doing is seen as important – to know I’m contributing to something that makes a difference.
-Jennifer Au , MSc'15

May 15, 2015
I am so thankful for every scholarship and opportunity and believe that God has put me on this path so that I can make a difference.
-Jenna Butler, BSc'09 PhD'15

May 6, 2015
On behalf of all of the students that this program will help for years to come, I am so grateful to the Johnson family for their commitment to student wellness through this innovative and student-driven initiative.
-Emily Addison

May 5, 2015
It’s pretty surreal to consider that there are students, some of whom I’ve probably interacted with, whose parents are giving me the opportunity to further my education. It really reinforces my belief that everyone should pay it forward. I can say with confidence that receiving this opportunity has convinced me that I’ll one day be doing the same.
-Armin Khayatian, HBA'16

April 22, 2015
I’m extremely thankful for the financial aid. Western is a big university, but it feels like a close-knit community when you know there are parents and donors who want students to succeed.
-Rachel Caris, BScN'17

April 13, 2015
Last year was very difficult for me due to personal circumstances — I sadly lost some important friends – but the support I received through a donor-funded scholarship encouraged me to keep going and helped me get through some very tough times. I am sincerely grateful and hope that one day, after I gain enough experience, I will become an engineering consultant.
-Akeem Hinds, BESc'16

April 3, 2015
I believe there's great value in learning and performing music, and in the future, I hope to help children discover and harness their musical skills. Your support of this scholarship will help me in pursuit of this goal.
-Julie Rempel, BMus'16
August 6, 2013
As a mature student, returning to university posed many challenges. That's why I owe much of my success to the generous donors who support student success. Your kindness has allowed me to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse -- and to show that anything is possible.
-Reem Gray, BScN'14
July 18, 2013
I have great appreciation for the skills gained, situations encountered and challenges overcome as part of my time at Western. These experiences have molded me into a well-rounded and critical-thinking person. Your gift has been a fantastic contribution to that journey.
-Jaimie Franks, BA'13
July 4, 2013
Your support of a student award has provided me with the encouragement and motivation to continue to strive for academic excellence.
-Elizabeth Cleary, BA'14
May 28, 2013
Many other volleyball players could have been chosen for this award, so I'm honoured to have been selected and thankful for the donors who've made it happen. Receiving it motivated me to focus my time and energy on what really needed to be done on and off the court.
-Alan Screaton, BMOS'13
May 15, 2013
It's gratifying to know donors are supporting awards that make international learning possible. I know from experience that these opportunities offer so much potential to broaden perspectives and explore different cultures -- more than I could have expected.
-Margaret Sawatzky, BSc'14
April 16, 2013
I truly appreciate what I've received from this award, and I'm grateful for the donors who are so supportive and encouraging through their generosity. What they have given goes beyond just a donation. It's an aid and tool to my success.
-Alana Vandervoort, JD'15
March 28, 2013
Your support of students who study arts and humanities truly makes a difference in that it serves as a reminder that you see value in the work we do and the education we achieve.
-Marco Ciarlariello, BA'13
March 26, 2013
I want to follow in the footsteps of the donors who contribute to student awards at Western. One day, I hope to leave a legacy of my own.
-Christina Shan, HBA'14 BSc'14
March 18, 2013
I'm grateful to receive my scholarship. It motivates me to further myself in my studies and to pursue my goals.
-Michael Brown, BSc'14
March 4, 2013
There are a limited number of awards for graduate research, so to receive one shows that people think I'm worth the investment. I then want to give my best.
-Jeremy Cepek, BESc'08 MESc'10 PhD'14
Graduate student

February 25, 2013
Receiving donor support provided me with a great deal of confidence as well as confirmation I was on the right track in my graduate studies in library and information science. To a considerable degree, your gift spurred me on during the final months of my studies.
-Ben Robinson, MLIS'13
February 5, 2013
The scholarships and bursaries offered through Western’s awards program assist many students, including myself, in pursuing our career goals. I feel honoured to be recognized for the hard work I put into my studies, and I will never forget the generosity extended to me.
-Abdul Simsam, BHSc'14

October 22, 2012
Donations made to The Parents’ Fund are, frankly, priceless. Because of my award through the Fund, I’ve been able to afford art supplies, as an investment in my goal to exhibit my paintings at local galleries. I consider my artistic exploration to be a pillar in my academic and expressive development at Western.
-Anna Paliy, BA'14

October 22, 2012
I am beginning a double major in finance and economics, and plan on pursuing a master’s degree. This award will help take the financial pressure off my mind and allow me to focus more on my academics and athletics.
-Jermaine Bernard, BA'15

August 28, 2012
My research work on Western Heads East – an HIV/AIDS project in Kenya – would not have been possible without the scholarship I received.
-Ellena Andoniou, PhD'13

August 13, 2012
Words cannot truly express my gratitude for the donors who have contributed to my education. Not only have they made a difference in my studies at Western, but they’ve inspired me to share my good fortune once I start my professional career.
-Brittany Boyd-Pyman, BA'13

July 20, 2012
Receiving a student award attested to the fact that hard work and dedication pay off – and it paved the way for the success I had in my final years at Western.
-Andre Skipper, BMOS'12
July 16, 2012
Donors can take great pride in what they give to Western because they’re investing in many bright and promising students who will contribute to a better society for everyone.
-Michelle Amri, BHSc'13

July 12, 2012
Receiving my award has enabled me to spend more time learning in the hospital. The knowledge I’ve gained from these experiences has been absolutely invaluable to me.
-Ally Istl, MD'15

July 12, 2012
My scholarships have allowed me to develop as a leader and further my education. What I’ve been able to accomplish at Western – in and out of the classroom – has made me a more well-rounded individual.”
-Emily Ng, HBA/JD’15

July 9, 2012
Because my husband and I were newly established in Canada, the scholarship gave me hope and helped me to focus on my studies…and brought comfort to my life.
-Nafiseh Ebrahimi, PhD'15

July 4, 2012
Through the graduate scholarship I received, I was able to continue my education, confirming that journalism was the perfect fit for my curiosity.
-Aaron Rathbone, MA'12
June 11, 2012
Not only did my award have a material impact on my life but it really has a psychological impact…because it gives me the drive to continue working hard and giving school my best effort.
-Issam Loubani, DDS'14

May 14, 2012
The scholarship gives me confidence in myself as a biochemistry student, and it further encourages me to achieve my utmost potential. The award has also strengthened my commitment to learning and to medical science.
-Hart Goldhar, BMSc'13

April 11, 2012
As a full-time student, I am constantly faced with the financial burden of tuition and high costs of living away from home. This scholarship has allowed me to enjoy a degree of financial freedom that I am extremely grateful for.
-Jamie Habert, HBA/JD'14

March 23, 2012
I want to thank the donor of my student award for understanding the challenges I face and for being part of my support system.
-Julian Reiche, BA'15

January 23, 2012
I’m extremely grateful for all the support I have been given by Western, including The Parents’ Fund Award. This support has allowed me to thrive in my academic setting and be the best student possible. I hope to be able to give the same support to students in the future.
-Kylie O’Donnel, BESc'12

October 3, 2011
I thank all of the generous parents that donate every year to The Parents’ Fund. You may not know how much your contributions make a difference in the lives of the students who need your support. I am from a small rural town and come from a large family with no extra monetary support for school. It is truly amazing to me every year how strangers can come together and be so generous towards students they have never met.
-Andrea Braithwaite, BMOS'12

October 3, 2011
The Parents’ Fund Award is an invaluable reminder about the importance of giving of oneself - not for the sake of receiving awards like this, but because it makes a difference, both for oneself and for the community, and for the individuals with whom you interact. It’s so easy to disappear in university. Awards such as this help people to think about their contributions, their impacts, and what more they can be doing.
-Monica Shank, BMus'10 BA'11
Alumna and Student

September 23, 2010
It meant so much to receive The Parents’ Fund Award. It took a huge load of stress off knowing I had money ahead of me. I did better in school because I didn’t have to work so much and I was able to focus on studying without the financial stress on my mind. Receiving this support was critical for me and I know those who are donating to The Parents’ Fund are helping many others. Thank you.
-Sarah Bachert, BACS'11

September 23, 2010
Family and school has always been high on my priority list, and with your help I have been able to succeed in more ways than one. I am very appreciative of generous individuals, such as yourselves - without you, many students in my position would not be where we are today. Thank you!
-Lisa Vo, BScN'11

December 17, 2009
Your donation has brought me closer to my goal of completing my bachelors in Nursing and Global Development, and then furthering my studies through a master’s program. Through The Parents’ Fund award, I have been able to pay the remainder of my tuition, and ensure I can focus on my studies and do the best I can. Thank you for demonstrating a commitment to post-secondary education, and helping students realize their goals.
-Bernice Yanful, BScN'10

December 17, 2009
This award symbolizes the dedication of parents to help further the academic success of students. It helped me focus on my studies instead of worrying about the financial stress many students face. I would like to express my sincere thanks and ask that support for the award continue so future students can have the same benefits I have experienced.
-Greg Kish, BESc'09

December 17, 2009
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