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<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Hilary Stone</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
The opportunity to be a proud and purple Mustang and represent Western in cross-country running.
Hilary Stone
Faculty of Engineering
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Alex MacLean</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
All of the amazing activities, clubs, councils and teams to get involved in.
Alex MacLean
Faculty of Science
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Western has almost 37,600 full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students, of which more than 4,000 are international students from 121 different countries.
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>James Sifakis, Law</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
The donor support that has given me the ability to combine high-end athletics and academics.
James Sifakis
Faculty of Law
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Last year, Western received support from 25,771 donors.
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Jordan Auzam</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
The guidance and support provided by the school while establishing my international internship in China.
Jordan Auzam
Faculty of Engineering
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Taniya NagpalKinesiology </t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
The supportive and inspirational faculty and staff dedicated to their research and teaching responsibilities.
Taniya Nagpal
Faculty of Health Sciences
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Vanitha ArumugamHealth and Rehabilitation Sciences</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
The endless support on campus and in the libraries that makes me feel at home as an international student.
Vanitha Arumugam
Faculty of Health Sciences
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Yifan Huang</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
The state-of-the-art research facilities and great atmosphere for studying.
Yifan Huang
Faculty of Engineering
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Haley Everitt</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
All of the one-of-a-kind experiences Western has to offer.
Haley Everitt
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'></t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
Western provides more than 2,900 undergraduate student scholarships and bursaries, funded by our donors.
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Jolien van Gaalen</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
The challenging courses, competitions and opportunity to be part of cutting edge research as an undergraduate student.
Jolien van Gaalen
Faculty of Engineering
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'></t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
Alumni donated more than $10,168,037 to Western in 2016-17.
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Adam PaishSchulich School of Medicine and Dentistry</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
The opportunity to pursue a world-class education while competing in the sport that I love.
Adam Paish
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Simona Genga, Voice Performance at the Don Wright Faculty of Music</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
Such a beautiful and inspiring environment where I can explore myself and my art form.
Simona Genga
Don Wright Faculty of Music
<t:if test='!isNull(alt_text)'>Robin BoneBMOS</t:if><t:else>Did you know?</t:else> flip
My incredible teammates and devoted coaches for all that they have done throughout my Mustang years thus far.
Robin Bone
Faculty of Social Science
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